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About Us

Who We Are

Handcrafted. Honest. Homegrown

Love is comforting. Love is empowering. Love is enriching.

Aador by Suta is an amalgamation and the embodiment of love, in its truest, purest sense. It is as tender as a lover’s embrace, as warm as a child’s adoring gaze, as benevolent and unconditional as the trust we bestow on our dearest friends, and as sanguine as the first rush of a heady romance.

We know that a world where you’re constantly challenged to be your best self, to live up to myriad expectations and to constantly shatter glass ceilings can seem exhausting and intimidating sometimes.

We understand.

That’s why, we’ve crafted a brand that understands you and loves you as you are. A brand that wraps your body like a gentle, all-encompassing hug. A brand that celebrates and cherishes your most authentic self.

What We Stand For

Aador is a fresh, new offering from Suta, a brand that’s loved by women across India and the globe.

The ethos underlying all our creations comprises clean cuts, a comfort-first orientation, impeccable quality and designs that you will love and cherish for a lifetime. Our garments stand out for their relaxed silhouettes, ease of wear, and fits that flatter and accentuate your body’s curves. We know that bodies change and evolve over time, and our clothing is created to help you navigate these changes with ease and confidence.

With Aador, we’re creating pieces that are so much more than clothing. They’re pieces that feel as personal to you as your own heart. We’re offering you clothes that tell a story, of where they came from and who they impact. Clothes that are an extension of you and will mould themselves to your body, your lifestyle, your commitments and your aspirations. We’re offering you clothing that feels like the gentle caress of a loved one, a caress that uplifts you when you’re low and makes those special moments even more memorable.

Aador’s creations are carefully crafted by our artisans, who painstakingly put together every element in a harmonious symphony. Our designs dip into the inkwell of the wild, sprinkle a bit of whimsy and wrap these up in a whole lot of love. Because we know that everyone needs a little lovin’ sometimes!